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2020 year start results.
Brand-new technologies,
FY19 analytics review,
new startups & continued successes.

A small synopsis

Our name means "Always online", but our commitment defines greater;
we are a new-data transportation company. Siempre Online is a taxi service
for your custom data.

We help your content find your followers and discover new followers
through website hosting, app development, analytics, and internal audits.

See our partners and check out our story from the early-2010s programming sphere to a premier new-data transportation company.

A little history (Ctrl+H)

Welcome to early-2010s in North West Arkansas. A firestorm of hacking havoc began an avalanche of technological support. Startup ISPs, Webhosts, DevOps, data dumping groups were instanciated. Our innovation division launched with custom data dumping scripts against popular accounting software & Microsoft Active Directory (through LDAP).

Siempre went postnatal during 2015 dropping three disruptive, power-user apps. Our steady quarterly earnings allowed for us to emancipate our innovation division - giving them autonomy & an equal playing field. We've used our since liquid proceeds to optimize our operations nose-diving cost, while continuing to value our partnerships with our divisions previous.

Our role today is to transport the custom datasets of our partners at the highest speed-per-dollar, they are the builders, architects, and researchers; we are their transport, at whatever time or scale.

What is new-data?

Imagine a highway, chances are - you don't have to! We are use to physical transport and its wonderful many shapes and sizes. We bring that to your internet, to your company, directly to your customers.

Start with an industry standard web API, or GraphQL, ran consistenly on a C# ASP dotnet server, or don't. This is new-data, custom JSON data packets that you define for us and we will deliver to you, from your servers or ours.

For new-data, innovation isn't a dream, it's an option. We work with our partners to constantly audit our speeds and modularity to bring our competive advantages together with industry-wide practices and the innovations paraded from the major tech empires.

Are we really, "always online"?

99.9974%. That is the uptime of AWS, our rails, roadway, and airpath. Provided, availablity isn't what makes us different. Our aggresive self-auditing policies keeps our low margin extreme still possible. The partnerships with an innovative blockchain analysis company, an interface architecting company, and our former innovation division truly let us see through the prism.

Would you like to study design, blockchain, code auditing, or more? We are looking for ones interested, please contact one of our primary partners to set up a lunchtime or evening appointment.

If your company would like to use our datalanes or request an estimate for data transportation, please use one of our primary partners for a referal.